Hong Kong: Street Food

When I first came to Hong Kong in 1993, my dad had a lot of coins on the bed side table and my older sister and I would go down to the podium to buy sailormoon cards and cheung fan (steamed rice rolls with peanut butter, sesame seeds and two other sauces that I don’t know what they are, one looks like soy sauce and the other is a reddish sauce).

In 1993, it was at HK$2 and now, it ranges from HK$6-7 per order.

When I don’t have breakfast at home, I’ll be buying siu mai and cheung fan, below is the siu mai with chili oil and garlic for HK$5.

In high school, we’d buy fried noodles from the Tsuen Wan MTR and eat it on the bus — even if that was not allowed! πŸ˜€ This one is one of the best fried noodles I’ve had and I’ve tried to cook this at home but unfortunately, I have not succeeded in replicating it! πŸ˜› This one I think is HK$10.

My husband is a sucker for beef noodles! It doesn’t matter where we buy beef noodles, he would most probably love it. This order of beef noodles cost us HK$20 and adding the kai-lan, I think it was for HK$6.

All these were what we had for dinner one night when I was very tired and did not want to cook. πŸ™‚ I love Cantonese food! I think it’s the best Chinese food!

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