Hong Kong: Coast

We had to go to my doctor in Central to have my stitches taken out and there’s an area nearby called ‘Soho’ where there are lots of really good restaurants.

We went to Coast because I read they serve breakfast there and it would be nice to try a different restaurant for brunch (you see, we always go to brunch club!:-)).

It was quite a long walk to Coast and when we got there, we asked for a table for two. They had all these comfy chairs available, the inner area was reserved and the area near the entrance was mostly empty. We asked to be seated where there were brighter lights but the lady insisted we be seated near the entrance that is just for 2 people. I didn’t like it at all, it was dark and hot and I didn’t like having breakfast where I don’t have natural light so we asked to be seated in the bar area where there’s a big window and sunlight.

I was hoping for the food to be tasty and delicious because so far we weren’t ‘happy customers’. My husband ordered chocolate milkshake and I ordered iced coffee, our food was the ‘Coast Big Breakfast’. I ordered poached eggs and my husband had sunny side up eggs. I had Turkish bread and my husband had whole wheat bread. The food was awesome!♥

We would definitely go back but probably try to reserve first. The Turkish bread is so yummy especially when it is dipped in egg yolk. Their bacon is quite lean and it was YUMMMMY! 🙂



We’re in the bar are and the other end of the resto is the area with comfy chairs



Our bill was HK$352, the Coast Big Breakfast costs HK$120 each.

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