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Hong Kong: Coast

We had to go to my doctor in Central to have my stitches taken out and there’s an area nearby called ‘Soho’ where there are lots of really good restaurants.

We went to Coast because I read they serve breakfast there and it would be nice to try a different restaurant for brunch (you see, we always go to brunch club!:-)).

It was quite a long walk to Coast and when we got there, we asked for a table for two. They had all these comfy chairs available, the inner area was reserved and the area near the entrance was mostly empty. We asked to be seated where there were brighter lights but the lady insisted we be seated near the entrance that is just for 2 people. I didn’t like it at all, it was dark and hot and I didn’t like having breakfast where I don’t have natural light so we asked to be seated in the bar area where there’s a big window and sunlight.

I was hoping for the food to be tasty and delicious because so far we weren’t ‘happy customers’. My husband ordered chocolate milkshake and I ordered iced coffee, our food was the ‘Coast Big Breakfast’. I ordered poached eggs and my husband had sunny side up eggs. I had Turkish bread and my husband had whole wheat bread. The food was awesome!♥

We would definitely go back but probably try to reserve first. The Turkish bread is so yummy especially when it is dipped in egg yolk. Their bacon is quite lean and it was YUMMMMY! 🙂



We’re in the bar are and the other end of the resto is the area with comfy chairs



Our bill was HK$352, the Coast Big Breakfast costs HK$120 each.

Hong Kong: Yeung Uk Road Market

Despite all my posts on this blog, we love to cook our food and eat at home. 🙂 We still think there’s no simpler way to save money and know what’s in your food than to go to the wet market!

This is less than a kilometer away from our flat here in Hong Kong and it’s got almost everything we need; from veggies to meat and poultry to seafood.

Here’s how it looks outside:

They have repainted this in the past few months–it wasn’t this nice when I was young!:-P

Here’s the floor where vegetables and fruits are sold:


Here’s where we buy our beef (unless we need it for steak! We buy our steak from fusion.):


Finally, here’s the level where live seafood are sold. My husband and I love seeing fresh and live seafood and many times, I have been wet by fish that wiggle their way out of shallow water or the man that picks them to be killed! Haha..tons of fun!


That ends our very short tour of the market we go to everyweek!:)

Hong Kong: Street Food

When I first came to Hong Kong in 1993, my dad had a lot of coins on the bed side table and my older sister and I would go down to the podium to buy sailormoon cards and cheung fan (steamed rice rolls with peanut butter, sesame seeds and two other sauces that I don’t know what they are, one looks like soy sauce and the other is a reddish sauce).

In 1993, it was at HK$2 and now, it ranges from HK$6-7 per order.

When I don’t have breakfast at home, I’ll be buying siu mai and cheung fan, below is the siu mai with chili oil and garlic for HK$5.

In high school, we’d buy fried noodles from the Tsuen Wan MTR and eat it on the bus — even if that was not allowed! 😀 This one is one of the best fried noodles I’ve had and I’ve tried to cook this at home but unfortunately, I have not succeeded in replicating it! 😛 This one I think is HK$10.

My husband is a sucker for beef noodles! It doesn’t matter where we buy beef noodles, he would most probably love it. This order of beef noodles cost us HK$20 and adding the kai-lan, I think it was for HK$6.

All these were what we had for dinner one night when I was very tired and did not want to cook. 🙂 I love Cantonese food! I think it’s the best Chinese food!

Philippines: Hungry Hippo

A lot of Hungry Hippo branches are in gasoline stations and I thought it didn’t taste good at all. When my husband and I worked at Makati’s RCBC Plaza, sometimes we’d need to work overtime and instead of going home to cook (our house was 8 minutes away!), we’d go down to the 3rd floor’s Hungry Hippo and order the Bacon, Eggs and Rice instead.

When we went back to Manila for my father-in-law’s birthday last month, we stopped at South Luzon Expressway’s Shell station and found this Hungry Hippo. It is the best looking branch we’ve eaten at, so far.

And we ordered the “usual”, the Bacon, Eggs and Rice — but they didn’t have rice! So I bought rice next door hahaha! 🙂

And my husband, who just LOVES his burgers, ordered the Baconburger with cheese. Yum!

Their food is more or less PHP100.00 and it really taste good!

Hong Kong: Brunch Club [Central]

My husband and I love our lazy Saturdays. Today, after my doctor’s appointment, we went to Central’s Brunch Club. We usually go to the one in Causeway Bay but since we were already in the area, we went to this branch.

On the outside, it’s very very pretty!

But inside, we find the Causeway Bay branch more cozy. 🙂 Nevertheless, their Carbonara is still sooooo yummy! This was my inspiration for my recipe post.

My husband loves his burgers and this time he ordered the Foodlink burger which has bacon, cheese and angus beef. It was yummy but I prefer their lamb burger.

We also had hot chocolate drinks — can’t remember the names of these drinks but they were something like marshmallow & cinnamon and chocolate banana.

For dessert, we had the Chocolate belgian waffles. Hmmm..when I tasted this at the other branch, it was much better — that had more cream and it was just more tasty!

Our bill was HKD 355.00 and that’s money well spent because you can relax in this place and just love how everyone else is taking their time in enjoying their food. 🙂

We had to take this photo outside because we found this very funny sign that says: Please mind your head (if a hobbit)

And here is how the neighborhood looks! 🙂 Like San Francisco — up a hill! 🙂

Hong Kong: Genki Sushi

This is a Japanese fast food chain here in Hong Kong that my husband and I absolutely love! We come here at least once a month and here are our most favorite sushi/roll.They have a conveyor belt which is really cool (just in case you were wondering! :-))

They have green tea and hot water in each table or every 3 seats along the conveyor belt.

My husband’s favorite hand roll is the Soft Shell Crab Roll.

My favorite hand roll is the Salmon Skin Roll.

These are the sushi/roll that are always present in our every visit. Genki Sushi Roll, Fried Shrimp Roll and Seared Salmon Sushi.

All that for just HKD 154.00!

Next time you’re in Hong Kong, you could drop by here and taste these very delicious sushi.