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Philippines: Hungry Hippo

A lot of Hungry Hippo branches are in gasoline stations and I thought it didn’t taste good at all. When my husband and I worked at Makati’s RCBC Plaza, sometimes we’d need to work overtime and instead of going home to cook (our house was 8 minutes away!), we’d go down to the 3rd floor’s Hungry Hippo and order the Bacon, Eggs and Rice instead.

When we went back to Manila for my father-in-law’s birthday last month, we stopped at South Luzon Expressway’s Shell station and found this Hungry Hippo. It is the best looking branch we’ve eaten at, so far.

And we ordered the “usual”, the Bacon, Eggs and Rice — but they didn’t have rice! So I bought rice next door hahaha! 🙂

And my husband, who just LOVES his burgers, ordered the Baconburger with cheese. Yum!

Their food is more or less PHP100.00 and it really taste good!