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Hong Kong: Genki Sushi

This is a Japanese fast food chain here in Hong Kong that my husband and I absolutely love! We come here at least once a month and here are our most favorite sushi/roll.They have a conveyor belt which is really cool (just in case you were wondering! :-))

They have green tea and hot water in each table or every 3 seats along the conveyor belt.

My husband’s favorite hand roll is the Soft Shell Crab Roll.

My favorite hand roll is the Salmon Skin Roll.

These are the sushi/roll that are always present in our every visit. Genki Sushi Roll, Fried Shrimp RollĀ and Seared Salmon Sushi.

All that for just HKD 154.00!

Next time you’re in Hong Kong, you could drop by here and taste these very delicious sushi.