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Hong Kong: Yeung Uk Road Market

Despite all my posts on this blog, we love to cook our food and eat at home. 🙂 We still think there’s no simpler way to save money and know what’s in your food than to go to the wet market!

This is less than a kilometer away from our flat here in Hong Kong and it’s got almost everything we need; from veggies to meat and poultry to seafood.

Here’s how it looks outside:

They have repainted this in the past few months–it wasn’t this nice when I was young!:-P

Here’s the floor where vegetables and fruits are sold:


Here’s where we buy our beef (unless we need it for steak! We buy our steak from fusion.):


Finally, here’s the level where live seafood are sold. My husband and I love seeing fresh and live seafood and many times, I have been wet by fish that wiggle their way out of shallow water or the man that picks them to be killed! Haha..tons of fun!


That ends our very short tour of the market we go to everyweek!:)